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Coke and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Coke and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Since when the most important Coffee factories have started using coffee pods, Coffee  has become more than “a brewed beverage prepared from the roasted seeds” (wikipedia).

Nowadays people are ready to deal with long queues to buy colorfull and long shaped coffee boxes to appear more sofisticated than ordinary people who simply like to taste the bitter flavor of this ancient drink.

Chocolate Coffee, Orange Coffee, Vanilla Coffee… Is that true that the more the technology develop the more people find new ways to appear cool?

Following the lead of fashion dictated by the ultimate generation of coffee pods, Coke has demonstated how it’s possible to be an innovative and creative leader by buying the 10% of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters to create what it could be considered the previous step to achieve the home-made pop.

Coke wants to take advantage of the notoriety of the pods by using them for their products? Which could be the consequences?

Coke has widely spread out in all the world during last years generating tons of plastic / Glass bottles hardly recyclable because of their daily use. Could be the using of pods a good way to reduce the production and the use of  plastic? Could be considered Coke a leader in eco Recycling process by simply pursuing its goals in marketing in the next future?

It could be a good way to give back an immaculate visibility to the company which didn’t allow people write the word “gay” on their own cans.

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